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Entry #14

Adobe master collection is what I have!!!!!

2009-07-10 22:02:11 by kinesta

ok so I just got my hands on the adobe master collection and I love it a whole lot. The cs4 flash is amazing and the best of all.... BONES!!!!! omg i cant believe this wasnt in other versions but it might have been because they needed to make actionscript 3.0 but anyway ...

w00t its fun and its worth it


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2009-07-10 23:48:09

Yay bones... making it easier for noobies to animate their characters with shitty, marionette tweens.

I just got CS4 and it's a fucking joke. Hardly anything worthwhile outside of native support for Flash 10. $500 for a fucking GUI overhaul, a bones toll, a spray can, a shitty motion editor and a crap-load of bugs that crash my machine 5 times a day.

kinesta responds:

well idk bones arent just for noobs it makes it faster to animate say walking cycles and stuff like that. I think the GUI makes up for alot of stuff and my omputer handles it just fine idk the specs but yeah the spray can I think is pretty useless... microsoft should sue!!! lol


2009-07-11 00:33:27

It's hard to animate.